Signs Your Car's Battery Is Drained Versus Dead

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Your car's battery needs to have juice in it in order to start your car. But if your car won't start, you may find yourself wondering if the battery is drained or if it is completely dead. If you have left the car running for some time, have left the lights on in your car, or have not started your car in some time, chances are the battery is drained, rather than dead. But there are a few others signs you can look to when deciding whether your battery is drained or dead. Here are a few of those signs. 

The Age of the Battery

When you are trying to determine if your battery is drained versus dead, you should consider the age of your car's battery. If your battery is two year old or newer, it is drained, not dead. A car battery should not die within two years. If the battery is two to five years old, it is also likely drained, not dead. While there is a chance the battery can die this soon, it is not common. If the battery is over five years old, there is a good chance the battery is dead. 

The Radio or Lights Come On

When you go to turn your car on, if the radio and lights come on, your battery has some juice left in it, just not enough to start the car. This is a good indication that your battery is drained, rather than being dead. If your battery was completely dead, there would not be any life left in it, and in turn, the lights, radio or clocks in your car would not come on. 

There is Clicking When You Try to Start Your Car

The last sign that the battery in your car is drained versus dead is that you hear a clicking noise when you try to start your car. The clicking noise you hear lets you know there is still some life in your battery and it is trying to start. There just is not enough life left to start the car. If you do not hear a clicking sound, the battery is probably dead. 

If your car is showing signs that the battery is drained, a jump start service can jump start your battery. You should drive your car for at least 30 minutes to allow the battery time to recharge again. If your car is showing signs that the battery is dead, a jump start service, mechanic or most auto parts stores can test the battery so you will know for sure. If it is dead, replacing the battery will be your only option. 

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