Pros & Cons Of Junking Your Car For Cash Instead Of Trading It In

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You have that old vehicle in your garage, driveway, or yard, and you've considered selling it to a junk car buyer for cash. However, the local car lot is currently offering a special trade-in offer, including junk vehicles. Take a look at the pros and cons of junking your car over trading it in. 

Pro: You won't be tasked with towing the old ride to a car lot. 

It can be a major hassle to have an old junk car towed to a car lot. You will have to pay a towing service to take the vehicle to the lot, and then run the risk of having to pay to have it brought back home if the dealership doesn't buy it. At a time when you really need to save your funds for a down payment, the last thing you will probably want to do is spend more money. 

Con: You may not always get what looks like as much money. 

When you sell a car for junk, the buyer will usually give you a fair-market-junk price for the vehicle, which may not be quite as much as what a car lot will claim to offer you. For example, a local car dealership may advertise that they will give you $1,000 for any trade, even if it has to be towed to the lot, but what you don't see is that car prices may be slightly raised before the sale to cover those costs of paying for junk vehicles that may actually get towed off to the junkyard anyway. 

Pro: You can get the thing out of your way rather quickly. 

If you are just ready to get your junk vehicle out of your driveway or out of your yard, junking the car for cash could be the best solution for sure. Having to arrange to have the vehicle towed to a car lot is a hassle, and who knows if you may end up having to bring the thing back home if you do not get an offer at the car dealership. Junk your car for cash and the car will be probably be gone after one phone call.

Overall, selling your junk car for fast cash is a more logical solution to get rid of a broken-down vehicle you own in a lot of cases. Reach out to a junk car buyer for more information if you have an old ride you would like out of the way. 

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